Technical Consultant – NDC and Climate Finance Mapping

About us

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Scope and Deliverables of the Assignment 

We are looking for a consultant to help us understand to what extent our Strategic Business Plans understand and incorporate the opportunities and challenges presented by the climate emergency and how well do our strategies align with national priorities, as outlined in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and how well do our programmes align with donor priorities, especially in relation to their climate finance portfolios?

This study will start by looking at the climate impacts and opportunities in each of our countries based on the latest IPCC WG 2 and WG 3 report, as well as related literature. It will then review our existing Strategic Business Plans, analyse the NDCs and the climate funding opportunities in each country, and map across these to identify alignment and areas for possible programme development.

Practical Action is committed to enhancing our climate credentials, so we are looking for someone to help us understand the opportunities and challenges that climate change presents in each country and provide recommendations on how we can have greater positive impact on the lives of climate vulnerable people in each country, and how we can access climate finance to deliver this impact.


Interested applicants should submit:

  • A letter of interest / proposal explaining your suitability for the role and a brief methodology on how you will approach the assignment
  • CV’s including past experience, relevant skills and contact details if possible, submit an example of a similar piece of work you have already compiled.
  • A budget quote for completing the assignment (in British sterling) including:
    • Daily rates
    • Expenses
    • Tax allowances
    • All other costs associated with the delivery of the assignment.
  • Workplan indicating availability and estimated completion date
  • Suitable dates and time if shortlisted for the selection interview
  • Two references from previous organisations you have worked with including technical reports if available

Please submit your application by email to: with the title “Mapping of climate finance and climate action challenges and opportunities” as soon as possible but not later than 15th July 2022.

A MS Teams interview will be held for shortlisted applicants after the application deadline and work is expected to commence as soon as possible after selection.

We treat all applications for employment on their merits and do not take into consideration any factors that are not relevant to the job such as disability, race, age, religion, gender, gender reassignment or sexual orientation.

Practical Action is committed to safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults and as such candidates will be subject to pre-employment checks.