The coronavirus crisis has exposed just how fragile all our lives are.

Do we really want a return to ‘normal’, when normal was already broken for millions of people?
Or shall we take this opportunity to build a world that works better for everyone?
We have proof that alternatives are possible – the solution is anything BUT normal.

Energy that transforms


Empower people and protect the planet with clean energy

One in ten people live without any access to electricity. For many more, their supply is unreliable or unaffordable. And three billion people still depend on food cooked over open fires and inefficient stoves, that emit harmful smoke.

This holds back human progress like a giant ball and chain.

But energy doesn’t have to rely on dirty fuels or be out of reach for remote communities. Cleaner cooking solutions and renewable energy sources are available. Access for communities can mean powering up homes, schools, clinics and businesses. It can improve farmers productivity and incomes. Help connect people to the world and unlock valuable knowledge. In short, it transforms everything.

We want a world where millions of lives are free from harmful smoke inhalation. Where off-grid electricity brings opportunities to the most vulnerable and remote communities. Where environmentally-friendly, accessible energy reaches everyone, everywhere. Where access to clean and affordable energy is a global priority.

Join us in creating changes that’s anything but normal, for a world that works better for everyone.

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