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Putting stakeholder needs at the centre: SHEAR learnings


The SHEAR programme (Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience) carried out innovative research, in some of the most hazard-prone parts of the world, to better understand and forecast disasters, and minimize the risk they pose to vulnerable communities. SHEAR research brought together the unique knowledge and skills of stakeholders in physical and social sciences, disaster risk management practice, and policymaking. Effectively managing this range of expertise enabled SHEAR to deliver holistic cross-disciplinary, high-impact work on disaster risk and resilience. Key stakeholders, including at-risk populations, need to be at the centre of research prioritization, design and delivery. Putting the needs of stakeholders at the centre is critical to achieving programme objectives, and to ensuring long-term sustainability. This brief explores key learning from across the SHEAR programme related to stakeholder engagement.

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