Climate Justice Appeal 2021

Practical Action is proud to to have partnered with The Guardian and Observer newspapers

The partnership

During December 2021 and January 2022, we partnered with The Guardian and Observer newspapers as part of their successful Climate Justice appeal, which reached over £1 million in donations.

For all the people who contributed in any way to the appeal we wanted to say a huge thank you! Your support will enable communities on the front line of climate change adapt and thrive.

The money will be shared between Practical Action and the three other incredible organisations that formed the appeal: Global Greengrants FundKew Gardens, and Environmental Justice Foundation Deutschland.

Our CEO, Sarah Roberts had this to say; “On behalf of all of the communities we work with, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Guardian and the Observer readers. Their generosity will help us enable people on the front line of climate change get the tools and knowledge they need to take back control of their lives and help ensure this work can be replicated around the world.”

The appeal may be over, but you can still show your family and friends why you support Practical Action by sharing the news coverage and inspiring stories of climate justice – you can find the relevant articles here.

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Climate change won’t wait

That’s why we’re already working with people on the front line of the climate crisis so they can adapt their lives and livelihoods to become more resilient.

With our support, climate pioneers like Purnima (pictured) in Bangladesh are finding ingenious solutions to the challenges they face.

Learn how people in Bangladesh are developing the tools, knowledge and support they need to thrive on BBC Radio 4’s Costing The Earth programme.

In Kenya, erratic rainfall is making farming more difficult. Young people are moving away from rural areas to work in cities, leaving those remaining less able to cope with the effects of climate change.

We’re working with thousands of young farmers in Kenya’s Homa Bay area to reverse this trend. Meet the young climate pioneers using planet-friendly farming techniques to build sustainable, profitable and environmentally friendly businesses.

Be part of our plan to build a better future, now.

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Support today

Let’s build a world that works better for everyone

Agriculture and cities that work for people and planet. Clean energy that transforms lives and enables more productive farming. Opportunities to create jobs and improve health and income. Climate resilience as a way of life, especially for those communities most affected. Every gift makes a big impact. Thank you.

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You decide how much you’d like to give and how often – either a regular monthly gift or a single donation.


You decide how much you’d like to give and how often – either a regular monthly gift or a single donation.

An organisation you can trust

We’re committed to the highest standards in fundraising, transparency and reporting.

For every £1 we receive in donations, just 9 pence is spent on fundraising. The remaining 91% is spent on charitable activities, including 1% on essential governance.

(2020/21 audited accounts, produced to Charity Commission norms).

Expenditure 2020-2021: £26.7 million (91%) on charitable activities and £2.6 million (9%) on fundraising

We are trusted by the UK and overseas governments who fund some of our projects, along with major foundations, corporations and UN bodies.

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