Project highlights - Sri Lanka

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September 2010



  • Training 31 beneficiaries on roof construction in Kandasamy nagar in Vauniya in the Northern Province
  • Training on finishes on doors and windows for masons & carpenters from Vauniya Northern province.

Renewable energy

  • Participating at the technology exhibition organized by University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
  • Attending to fine tuning the energy efficient cook stoves
  • A programme to raise awareness on pico hydro technology for University students from University of Sabaragamuwa and Forest Conservation Department Officials parallel providing power supply to the pico hydro unit installed adjacent to Hirikatuoya in Belihuloya.


  • Construction of community access roads in Kirankulam and Ondachchcimadam in Batticalao district in the eastern province of Sri Lanka

Disaster risk reduction

  • Training for local government officials from Galle district on Decentralized Disaster Risk Management
  • Continuing work on the South Asia Disaster Report
  • Preparation for 04th Asian Ministerial meeting
  • Providing inputs to Global Assessment Report 2011
  • Initiating work on "Views from the Frontline" a civil society survey on Hyogo Framework for Action


  • A review of the fisheries co-governance plan for Dondaduwa lagoon with government stakeholders.


  • Printing and dissemination of Annual Report


  • Exposure visit to Panama solar fish dry processing centre for Fisheries society members attached to the Wennappuwa Vidatha Resource Centre

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