Give the gift of prosperity


The Table Turner e-gift turns the tables on climate change around the world and every pound received before the 9th March will be matched by the UK government, so your gift will go twice as far.

Gifts matched by the UK government will go directly to turning deserts into green lands in Darfur, Sudan by:

  • Restoring dams and building new reservoirs to make the most of rainy season water.
  • Building irrigation systems to rehabilitate dry, arid land.
  • Re-greening pastureland to build productivity and restore the balance of resources between pastoralists and farmers.

Your gift will contribute to Practical Action’s work to turn the tables on climate change for people living on the front line around the world.

When your gift is matched by the UK government:

  • A £20 gift could improve harvests and create a more sustainable income from crops by providing 1 farmer with access to drought tolerant seeds.1
  • A £55 gift could create fertile farmland and provide vital natural resources for 1 farmer by enabling access to reliable irrigation.2
  • A £70 gift could plant over 100 trees in new community forests, regenerating land previously lost to desertification and improving the micro-climate.3

The Acclimatiser will fund our transformative resilience work around the world. Looking for another resilience-inspired gift? Take a look at The Protector or go back to see the full Wish List.


After purchasing this gift you will receive an email with a link to a downloadable gift certificate, which you can either email or post to your loved one. The certificate tells them all about the work you have supported in their name and how we’ll use the donation from your e-gift to help ordinary people living in extraordinary circumstances change their lives.


  • Choose gift amount

1. Calculation based on cost of providing access to agricultural inputs (community based seed systems, drought tolerant seeds and seedlings) and related extension services (farmer field schools) (£61,511), divided by 3000 farmers. Approx. £20.

2.Calculation based on cost of constructing one new dam and rehabilitation of a second (£169,356) to irrigate 3000 feddans, divided by 3000 farmers (1 feddan per farmer). Approx. £56, rounded to £55 for appeal purposes

3. Calculation based on cost of establishing 4 community forests (£20,503) divided by 30,000 seedling (amount produced for 4 community forests) and multiplied by 100 (seedlings). Approx. £68, rounded to £70 for appeal purposes.