Seedlings transplantation for Wadi bank stabilisation in North Darfur, Sudan

The Wadi Elku Catchment Management Project has completed seedlings transplantation in different areas surrounding 10 kilometres in North Darfur, Sudan.

The project has trained communities in seedlings plantation and Wadi bank management. Environment friendly activities like Wadi bank stabilisation (WBS) was initiated in North Darfur for soil conservation and protection of fertile soil from sand dune creeping.

This technology is also effective in fixing nitrogen, which increases soil fertility due to the usage of legumes such as gum Arabic tree. The communities like this technology very much and actively participated in tree transplantation.

4 September 2015

Zamzam dam set to change lives in Sudan

The Zamzam dam, about to be handed to the community, will change people’s lives in north Darfur.

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Seil Gadim Dam opened in Darfur

The 775 metres long Seil Gadim Dam was officially inaugurated, to help maximise the water resources and benefit the locals in the Wadi Elku project area, North Darfur.

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