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Your gift will help climate pioneers build solutions to flooding and other extreme weather events. It will allow us to share those solutions with others and scale them up so they benefit more communities. Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to adapt to new challenges, to improve the world for those on the front line of climate change.

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“The training I’ve had through Practical Action has opened up many possibilities. Now I can provide for my family. The money I earn from the sale of vegetables helps me meet the household expenses.”

– Purnima Rani Biswas, a farmer in Bangladesh

Rising to the challenge

A future-proof response to increasingly extreme weather

Around the world, climate change is making floods more frequent and severe. People in the world’s poorest places suffer the most.

Every £1 invested in prevention saves an average of £5 in future losses. That’s why we’re working with people around the world so they can adapt and thrive in the new conditions.

Together, we’re building low-cost monitoring stations, which send out SMS alerts warning communities about impending floods. Evacuation plans and flood resistant shelters help them protect their property and possessions.

We’re using animated videos like this one to promote the importance of flood evacuation plans for at-risk communities. This one was aired on local television in Nepal. It’s one more tool in our package of solutions supporting people on the front line of climate change.

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