Request for tender for TICmbay: Building the organisational capacity of the JOKALANTE enterprise

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The objective of this call for tender is to identify experts (individuals or consultancy firms) who are able to provide Jokalante with technical support services. These services are divided into four lots.  Each candidate may submit a proposal for one or more lots according to the experience and profiles of experts available.

  • LOT 1: Internal procedures
    The application of internal procedures necessary for the good management of the company and its financial and human resources.
  • LOT 2: Knowledge Management
    Enable Jokalante to improve its knowledge management offer (understanding of data types, sampling model, data analysis, reporting, etc.), to draw conclusions, to present and use data in reports and proposals to clients. 
  • LOT 3: Strategic planning
    Enable Jokalante to create a long-term vision for the organisation and develop a five year strategic plan. 
  • LOT 4: Business development
    Enable Jokalante to achieve both its economic and social goals. 


Date of expiry5th Nov
Full/Part timePart time
Employment statusTemporary
Other terms

Your submission should include:

A declaration of the lot or lots of your offer; a description of your proposed approach for each lot; the experience and abilities of the consultant to provide these services; the CVs of the key experts.

The financial offer should include all the costs related to the services of the experts (fees) and all the taxes due.  It may also include an estimated cost of other necessary costs of undertaking this assignment such as transport, accommodation, meals, meeting room hire etc

Ability to work in French is essential

Submit your tender to: By 16.00 (Dakar time) Monday 5 November 2018

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