Technology justice in action

Do you believe that everyone has the right to a decent quality of life, no matter where they live?

At Practical Action we do.

We believe that everyone has the right to technologies that enable them to lead a life they value, as long as that does not harm others now or in the future.

We recently held a competition to find some of the best images we have illustrating what we are doing to make technology justice a reality in the developing world.

We had some amazing entries, the best of which we have put together in a short slideshow. We hope you like them.

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Technology justice

We believe that technology justice is essential to achieving development and sustainable wellbeing for all. That’s why Technology Justice is at the heart of all our work.

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Practical Action: our story

The story of two billion people living in poverty - and what we can do to help change their lives forever. Practical Action's "narrative" - who we are and the values that inform our work.

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Classroom materials for schools

Some great teaching resources which help students and look at their own needs and wants in relation to technology, and explore their feelings around technology justice. They include a top trumps style activity where technologies are given a technology justice rating.

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Watch this slideshow on Youtube

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