Practical Action talks

We can find a speaker to talk to your group, online or in person. It’s a great way of sharing our work with your club, church, or group.

Our valued speakers are passionate about Practical Action and can tell your group about the incredible work we do transforming people’s lives across the world. They can even talk to your group’s members over virtual meeting platforms, and share pictures and examples of our work online. 

Request a speaker

Practical Action can provide speakers for groups meeting online

In recent weeks we’ve been asked to talk to student groups, walking clubs, churches, rotary clubs, and humanitarian societies. Luckily, we have some amazing supporters who are willing and able to tell people about Practical Action’s work, including how we are helping overseas communities respond to Covid 19.

We’ve had very positive comments, including Rajesh Shah from the Desi Ramblers, pictured hiking in Wales. The Desi Ramblers can’t go walking during lockdown so are meeting on Zoom instead, and asked for a speaker to address their group for half an hour. Rajesh was full of praise for volunteer speaker Rachel Berger’s presentation and said, ‘We really liked the insight she gave.’

To request a talk for your group, or to find out more about becoming a presenter, contact Holly.

Join us

We have 30 volunteer speakers around the UK, so you’ll be joining a wonderful group of people.

We have a bank of presentations and scripts to help you talk to groups, and we always consult with you on where and when you want to present.

We are so grateful to our speakers, for spreading the word to new audiences. They have a direct impact on our work, by raising funds and awareness of what we do.

You can help to make a difference too.

Please contact us for more information on how to join our speakers group.

“Practical Action is not one of those charities you see on the High Street and has a relatively low profile. I really enjoy getting the Practical Action story out to a wider audience – we have a great past, present and future!”

Meet Jerry

He became a speaker after reading our founder E.F. Schumacher’s book ‘Small is Beautiful’ 30 years ago.

“When I represent Practical Action at events or when speaking to groups and in schools, I like to include a practical activity. It seems to make sense; Practical Action successfully engages with people around the world to discuss and plan sustainable solutions for the problems their communities face. While I present a problem to engage with the audience, I provide some materials and together we discover practical solutions.”

Meet Merilyn

Dr Merilyn Canet is a regular speaker.

“One stand-out talk was at an ancient church in Kent and the congregation was so welcoming and enthusiastic”.

“I thoroughly enjoy being a Practical Presenter. On each occasion, I meet interesting people who have their own experiences to share about how small scale actions bring positive change, both locally and internationally.”