When livelihoods are stolen

Ingenuity takes them back


Betty Ncube, who lives in rural Zimbabwe, used to grow an abundance of crops. But then the droughts came. The desert ate away at her farmland in the village. And water became scarce. The effects of climate change were taking away the life she had built for her family. But with ingenious solutions, Betty is rebuilding her life.


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How farmers in rural Zimbabwe are defying climate change

Through our agricultural training, farmers like Betty are learning how to improve harvests. How? By building Solar Gardens, they can access underground water via solar powered irrigation systems. This solution combined with using drought resilient seeds and training in new farming techniques makes the entire approach ingenious, and means farmers stay in control of their lives and livelihood. They can be confident their families have enough to eat, and they have more to sell.

Help poor communities across the world turn arid fields green and earn a living.



“As a mother and woman, I feel empowered. I now spend most of my time in the garden, it has become my source of livelihood.”
Betty Ncube, Zimbabwe