Will you help switch on the lights?

At the health clinic in Chikwawa, Malawi, there is no electricity. After the sun has set, patients can only be treated by the faint light of candles that they have provided themselves.

Women giving birth, children with life-threatening diseases and cholera patients who need 24 hour care are suffering in the dark. For more complicated cases, health workers have no choice but to refer patients to the nearest hospital, which can be up to 7 miles away. Tragically, many patients have no choice but to make this journey by foot.

What the community in Chikwawa needs is a solar mini-grid. Will you help by giving a gift today?

Installing a solar mini-grid so that the clinic has power is a very simple solution to a huge problem. As well as providing light, so that the medical staff can work at night, electricity will also allow clinics to power fridges - keeping life-saving vaccines and medicines useable for much longer. Light and power really do save lives.

Solar mini-grids create a clean, reliable energy supply. Medical staff would have the power to perform emergency procedures, administer vaccines and deliver babies safely at night.

Please donate today; a gift from you could bring the power of the sun to health clinics in the most remote parts of Malawi.

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Please donate today, and bring the power of the sun to health clinics in Malawi.

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