Swachh Samudai (Healthy Communities)

Faecal sludge management in Odisha

One of its kind innovative projects, envisaging a comprehensive faecal sludge management project ensuring conducive sanitation practices, Swachh Samudai is being implemented in Choudwar Municipality in the state of Odisha.

This project will support the Odisha State municipal authorities to deliver their policy of providing safe clean water as well as the sanitary treatment and disposal of waste in Choudwar town, a growing centre of nearly 42,000 residents.

Addressing the current poor sanitation facilities witnin Choudwar town and to lessen the instances of diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid and gastroenteritis, Swachh Samudai will come up with a faecal sludge treatment plant, which will be first of its kind in the state and country. In addition it will benefit local residents by providing the means to access safe water and dispose of waste safely while also acting as a platform to develop, test and share exciting new technologies and practices.

This initiative is a partnership between Practical Action and the H&M Foundation, a non-profit global foundation will serve to improve the health of poor slum dwellers in Choudwar Town. This project will end up exhibiting a successful model of faecal sludge management and improved lifestyle with improved water and sanitation services. 

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