Sustainable agriculture

Our Goal is to improve the productivity and livelihoods of  resource poor smallholder crop and livestock farmers especially in arid and semi arid areas.


  • Support capacity building of farmer organisations to influence sustainable agricultural policies and practices using evidence based approaches in Zimbabwe and Zambia
  • Strengthen community based agricultural research and agricultural extension support systems to enable relevant and timely planning and decision making by men and women living in arid and semi arid areas of Zimbabwe and Zambia
  • Strengthen risk ,climate smart and gender neutral technological options and strategies at local,national and regional level
  • Upscale participatory market systems development (PMSD), in order to enhance income opportunities of poor rural women and men.

Core Approaches

  • Community based Approach
  • Working in consortia with local and regional organisations and networks


Determination at Zibiliseni garden

“Our name Zibiliseni means 'determination' and we are indeed determined!" asserts Sphiwe Ncube, who makes a living by growing and selling vegetables as part of the 42 member Zibilseni garden scheme.  She farms in Gwanda, an area with low, erratic rainfall. Life is a...

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Look and learn inspires farmers

“After this look and learn horticultural visit, coupled with the proper technical support when I go back home, as we have exactly the same resources that are being used for production of seedlings, I feel that I can establish my own local small scale commercial community based nursery bu...

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Active Projects

Livelihoods and food security for farmers

The problem 70% of Zimbabwe's population depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.  But smallholder farmers face low productivity for a number of reasons. These include drought, limited access to agricultural support services, insufficient quality inputs; restri...

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Promoting Smallholder Market Engagement project

The project seeks to improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers from 11 irrigation schemes in Manicaland, Zimbabwe.This will be achieved through: improved management of shared resources, engagement in improved markets, enhanced business skills and access to quality and timely relevant extension a...

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Forest Forces

The project is financially supported by the European Union (EU) and managed by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO). Practical Action amongst other implementing partners is implementing some components of the project in Bulilima District in Matebeleland South Province. Practical Action...

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Completed projects

Mainstreaming livelihood-centred approaches to disaster management
A five-year project investigating and applying community-driven approaches to disaster management, drawing upon local knowledge and using appropriate technologies which are effective in protecting vulnerable communities.

Enhancing food and livelihoods security of vulnerable communities in drought-prone areas of Zimbabwe
This three-year project aims to enhance the food and livelihood security of vulnerable communities in drought prone areas of the country through increasing practical opportunities for improved food production and livelihoods in rural Gwanda, Matobo, Bulilima and Mangwe districts in the vast semi-arid Matabeleland South Province.

Improving the Livelihood Options of Vulnerable Rural Poor Communities in Semi-arid Areas of Zimbabwe
Started in 2006 this European Commission funded project, known as the EC Block Grant (BG), aims to improve the livelihood options of vulnerable rural poor communities in semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe.

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