Float a Field




In Bangladesh there is a village called Valuka Chandpur where people feed their families and make their living through farming and fishing. But something is stopping them: severe flooding made worse by climate change. For two years Mohit Gazi, fisherman and farmer, saw his paddy field under water for the entire rainy season preventing him from completing his harvest. No harvest means no money. No food and no income became Mohit’s normal. If only Mohit could farm during the floods. Thanks to floating fields and shaded ponds, things are changing.


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How harnessing flood water can help farmers flourish

Imagine trying to make a living as a farmer when your land is submerged for five months every year.

Flooding is normal in rural Bangladesh. Our solutions are anything but.

Practical Action has been innovating in the field of aquageoponics for years now. This clever farming technique uses natural, local materials to create an interconnected system of floating fields and shaded ponds. It means that farmers can harvest both crops and fish from flooded land. With the ability to farm during the floods, farmers like Mohit don’t have to stop work during the rainy season. At last, they can earn a living all year round.

Who wants normal?

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“I’ve been farming all my life, but I hadn’t seen this way of cultivating fish and vegetables at the same time. I keep the vegetables for my family but sell most of the fish at market. It means I don’t have to borrow money to support my family anymore.”

Mohit Gazi, 30,  Fisherman and Farmer, Valuka Chandpur, Bangladesh