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  • For communities at risk from disasters

    For communities at risk from disasters

    Practical Action works with people like Manakala in Nepal to help her be better prepared for disasters. There was a time when Manakala and her community lived in constant fear of flooding because they...

  • For poor farmers

    For poor farmers

    Agriculture is the cornerstone of most developing countries' economies; approximately 2.5 billion people make their living from agricultural production and 1.5 billion of these are small-scale farmers...

  • For communities without modern electricity

    For communities without modern electricity

    1.3 billion people live without access to energy. Lack of energy affects people in many ways, children have fewer hours to study, hospitals and clinics have no light to see patients and small businesses...

  • For slum communities

    For slum communities

    Munna lives in the slums of Bangladesh, her family and community members were often sick from drinking and using the water, but they had no other option. The water that they were using was contaminated...

  • For women

    For women

    Nadia lives in Shagra Village in Sudan and is the head of the Shagra Women Development Association (WDA) In her local area, vegetation had been lost due to past conflicts which had caused huge displacement...

  • For communities affected by climate change

    For communities affected by climate change

    Climate change is increasingly affecting people across the world and it’s often the people who are living in poverty that suffer the most. Saiful from Bangladesh knows what it’s like to be forced to live...

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