Radio 4 appeal

Simon Reeve, author and TV presenter recorded a special message for BBC Radio 4 listeners, which you may have heard back in September. 

Here's a message from Simon, explaining why he is supporting us:

Simon helped to share the story of Eveness (pictured) and Juma who have benefited from our solar energy project in Malawi, a country blighted by drought.

In Malawi, farmers like Eveness are struggling to grow enough food to feed their families. They need to rely on rain in order to produce food. When the rain fails, people go hungry.

This is where we come in. We work with communities to help families access electricity, so that they can water their crops and no longer go hungry. Access to right technologies can transform lives. For good.

>To learn more about the Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities project, visit our project page.

We know our approach works, but we can't make change happen without your support

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