In Bangladesh, Practical Action has been demonstrating an integrated sustainable waste management approach by introducing door step waste collection services from 1000 households using non-motorized three wheelers, segregating and recycling of waste to generate biogas energy for cooking and to produce saleable nutritive compost. A partnership has been agreed between a local NGO and the municipality with Practical Action supporting the NGO to improve its capacity to deliver these waste services, particularly in low income settlements and slums. Increasing the coverage of the service and the efficiency of the recycling technologies will enhance the long term viability of the business.

In Zimbabwe, Practical Action is supporting communities to manage their forests, derive added value from local produce and diversify their livelihoods. Our focus has been on marula nuts, providing simple technology to enable farmers to process the nuts (producing oil for example) and then supporting them to access higher value markets than they could have entered with the product in its raw form. One of the current challenges in developing the marula value chain is appropriate machinery to crack the marula nuts. As a consequence, we are cooperating with the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIDRC) to develop a machine to crack the marula nuts more effectively and enable them to be used by the communities.

In Peru, Practical Action has been supporting local organizations of small producers of quinoa from the Highlands to grow and process quinoa as a key element of the municipal school breakfast programme, and make processed quinoa products more widely available to the wider population. Bolivia is one of the two leading producers of quinoa in the world, but owing to the lack of adequate facilities and skills, there are still communities where the processing and consumption of this cereal is not widespread. We’re now working with the local "Association of Community Agricultural Producers of Waldo Ballivian" to construct a new quinoa processing plant.