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  • It's amazing how just one small change can make such a huge difference

    - Lubna Ahmed Hossain, 45, Sudan

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Every 20 seconds a life is lost because a mother like Nafisa has no choice but to cook her family meal on an open fire 

Every day in Darfur, Sudan and across the world, mothers like Nafisa have to make the deadly choice between keeping their family fed and healthy, or risking hers and their lives from the smoke she knows could kill them all - cooking on an open fire in your kitchen is like burning 400 cigarettes an hour. It’s a choice no mother should have to make. 

The smoke that billows from the flames during cooking is known as ‘the killer in the kitchen’ – and it may shock you to hear that it kills more people than TB; HIV/Aids and malaria combined. A new report from the World Health Organisation states that in 2012 4.3 million people died from indoor air pollution caused by cooking on open fires, this is many more than previously thought. It’s a crisis of epic proportions that is largely going unnoticed.

But there is a simple solution.

The Solution

For over 10 years, Practical Action has been working to find and promote alternative fuel efficient and clean energy cooking options for families living in harsh environments like Darfur – to keep families safe and to reduce the impact of cooking on biomass fuels on the environment.  Over the next 10 years we've estimated that this project will save over 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, you could be part of the solution and help Nafisa and thousands of mothers like her across the world. It costs just £112 to buy a stove that could save lives – a stove that would change the life of a mother like Nafisa forever.  

With a simple, liquid petroleum gas stove, mothers like Nafisa could cook their daily meal without using firewood or charcoal, which will reduce key pollutants in the environment by over 95%. It’s a life saving change.

Please help us stop the killer in the kitchen and change the lives of more families like Nafisa’s today. 

To find out more about Practical Action’s long-standing work to stop the killer in the kitchen visit www.practicalaction.org/smoke


Nafisa's Day


Sunrise means one thing for women like Nafisa, a new day of survival for her family. Leaving their children behind, women like Nafisa start the long and dangerous journey into the desert in search of enough wood upon which she can cook to give her children a meal.


Nafisa's long journey carrying the wood back to her family lasts hours and is arduous and dangerous. Avoiding rape, attack or worse is a victory that women like Nafisa will hope for again tomorrow.


With her children's stomach full, Nafisa knows the perils of the journey gathering wood were a short term choice worth making. Her children would get sick without food but she also knows the smoke from the fire can make them sick too. It's a bitter choice - feed her family or poison them with thick black smoke. When she wakes at sunrise tomorrow she will face the same choice, this time knowing she may have to leave a sick child at home or carry them with her as her day of survival starts again.


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