Why legacies are so important


montage of four imagesIf you are able to remember Practical Action in your Will, it would mean so much to poor people around the world.

The donations we receive are vital in helping maintain hundreds of life-changing projects every day, but legacies help us do something extra special - they give us the confidence to plan ahead.  By knowing we can count on future income, it means we can plan more projects to help lift more women, men and children out of poverty.

In return, we promise you this: that we'll spend every penny you pledge to us responsibly, efficiently and with the aim of eradicating poverty around the world.  We will help people like Mriza Rahim, whose land in Bangladesh was left infertile due to the silt left by repeated flooding.  By working together with Practical Action, Mriza can now grow enough pumpkins to feed his family.

Every legacy, no matter how large or small, is precious. And every legacy brings us a step closer to a future free from poverty.

If you'd like to find out how to leave a legacy, download our guide to making or changing your Will, Inspiring Action.


Catherine Budgett-Meakin has been a supporter of Practical Action since 1983. Here she tells us why she made the very personal decision to remember us in her Will. Will you join Catherine in leaving a legacy to Practical Action?

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