Floating Farms

Help families survive the devastating monsoon floods in Bangladesh

  • Help provide families with the tools and training required to grow enough food to eat

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When the monsoon rains hit the coastal regions of Bangladesh, they leave a wake of devastation; flood waters submerge the land for much of the year. When they finally recede, land is often infertile from the remaining salt and sediment, leaving waters highly salinated, making food production impossible. Families, heartbreakingly, are left in a vicious cycle of poverty facing hunger and malnutrition.

The combination of two simple solutions developed by Practical Action and built by communities has made a real difference to families in Bangladesh. Floating gardens and fish cages have already proved successful. When you combine the two together to make floating farms, families have a means to feed themselves all year round.

The solution is simple - the garden floats on top of the water and provides the framework to grow nutrient-rich vegetables, like squash. The fish cage assembled below houses saline-tolerant varieties of fish, like tilapia. The plants help filter the water which means the fish thrive and the fish waste fertilises the plants to improve growth.

A floating farm can help a family end the cycle of hunger and malnutrition and provide a nutrient rich diet. A gift from you today could help bring this tried and tested solution to families today.

Together, we can change people's lives

Your gift today could help:

 £53.16 could help buy 20-22 tilapia fish fingerlings and a bamboo fence to protect nets from crabs.

 £78.81 could help buy vegetable seed and fish feed for one complete cycle.


£189.75 could help buy one floating farm with everything needed for one cycle.



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