Transform entire communities in Kenya... helping women to build a better life.


Donate now to help improve the lives of women living in rural Kenya. Thank you.

Here's what your gift could do:

  • £50 could buy a potter's rotary machine that helps women produce top-quality cookstove liners for their stoves.
  • £100 from 10 people could buy an automated briquetting machine that speeds up the process of making briquettes and increases quality
  • £145 could buy business training for three women, providing the skills needed to earn a sustainable livelihood.
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With only a third of households in rural Kenya being connected to grid electricity, many families face difficult challenges when undertaking simple daily tasks. Challenges that compromise their health, safety and ability to earn an income. Lighting is often provided by kerosene lamps, a clear fire hazard, especially in homes with young children. And all-important cooking fuels, present additional risks; charcoal, for example, causes indoor air pollution, burns inefficiently on traditional stoves and is expensive to buy. The other option is firewood and it can take women many hours to collect enough to cook a simple meal, reducing the time they have to earn an income.

Many women in Kenya do not have a 'voice' in their community and cannot access the education they need to build better lives and change their futures.

We are working closely with women like Bibiana and Damaris, so they can have the opportunity to make and sell clean energy solutions, improving their lives as well as their community. They both received technical and business training from Practical Action that enabled them to help other women in their communities. Women are taking control of their futures. Bibiana now produces cook stoves and sells solar lamps, and Damaris produces briquettes - they are so happy that they can improve life for their community.

By giving a gift today, you can help more women like Bibiana and Damaris gain the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their lives, access better energy solutions and improve their future. Thank you.

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