Help Nepal Build Back Better

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Why Nepal needs your help today to Build Back Better

Sajida Khatun has suffered so much; losing everything she owned, her children too scared to sleep, and even worse, a year on, all still living a life of uncertainty. Sajida and many families like hers are desperate to leave the temporary shelters they have called home for the last year. And with the monsoon season approaching, they will face another challenge of having to shelter as best they can from the wind and rain.

This is a once in a generation chance for people to build safer, stronger homes. But we need your help.

It is vital that families Build Back Better, using simple, long-term solutions that are designed to withstand future shocks. Ensuring masons are trained to add cement to the mud mortar, and incorporate wall binds will mean homes can be built today, that could save lives tomorrow and well into the future.

Please donate today to help the people of Nepal.

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