50 seconds...

...of your time could help communities devastated by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.


Donate now to help transform the lives of communities affected by the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Thank you.

Here's what your gift could do:

  • £56 from you and one other supporter could buy one set of tools and safety equipment for a brick-maker.
  • £103 from you and one other supporter could provide a water and electricity set-up for a CSEB machine.
  • £284 could provide brick-maker training for one person, expanding the construction of earthquake-resilient homes.
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When the Nepal earthquake struck in 2015, it took just 50 seconds for it to devastate the lives of thousands of people. Since then, the amazing support we’ve received from people like you has enabled us to work closely with families in the worst affected areas. But there is still so much work to do that three years on, many families are still living in make-shift shelters - which provide little defence against the continual threat of future earthquakes.

In collaboration with the communities affected and construction experts, we've identified a solution which is helping to empower those communities worst hit by the disaster. That solution is a special type of brick. In a country where inhabitants are often remotely located, transportation costs can sometimes exceed the price of the materials; these bricks are a game-changer. They're easy to produce, sustainable and made from local materials.

Nepal family with bricks for reconstructing homes after earthquake
Nepal brick-maker with bricks for reconstructing homes after Nepal earthquake
Most importantly, these bricks are earthquake resilient. They're called Compressed Stabilised Earth Bricks (CSEBs) and they're made from compacted soil, sand and cement.

The production of this brick also offers livelihood opportunities for these families. Training in brick-making is just a small part of the picture; our resource centres also help them to join together and buy materials in bulk at lower costs, and ultimately sell their products at a fair price.

By taking 50 seconds to give a gift today, you could provide more communities with the skills, materials and tools needed to construct earthquake-resilient homes and rebuild a better future.

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