For the first time since the Paris Agreement, there is the momentum and opportunity to bring together leaders and experts to tackle the biggest crises that the world is facing: man-made climate change, inequality, and loss of biodiversity.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated these three crises are interconnected and that they disproportionately impact the most vulnerable people in the least developed countries.

Practical Action joined the global effort in 2020 to bring about change despite Coronavirus by engaging remotely with the UK presidency working groups as it began to prepare for the  technical sessions of the Glasgow climate talks. We have continued this engagement in 2021 by actively contributing and leading key events in the run-up to COP26. We have built advocacy strategies with key stakeholders on the issues related to the negotiations: finance, adaptation, loss and damage, mitigation and ecosystem restoration.

Our delegates are firmly grounded with communities impacted by climate change and shared their deep understanding of the issues faced by the most vulnerable people. Together, we call for strong and urgent action to address the needs of those struggling to adapt to climate change and we will demonstrate that by putting people at the heart of decision-making, cohesive solutions benefitting people and the planet are possible.

We will continue to engage with corporate, government, civil society and international organisations throughout the year to push ambitious commitments. We will convene events, amplify voices from the field and publish real life stories and evidence from the communities on the front line of the climate emergency.

Why now?

We believe 2021 will be a “super year” that combines a momentum for change amongst global leaders and the public with international events that focus on addressing climate, nature and development priorities.

2021 will see critical moments for both the Paris climate change Agreement, and the Biodiversity conventions, with the UK taking a leadership role as the host of both the G7 in June and the COP in November.

Where to find us?

Practical Action will be hosting, co-hosting or directly engaging in key events, with our focus centred upon the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United Nations Environment Assembly, the Community Based Adaptation practitioner’s forum, the G7 Summit, the United Nations General Assembly and more.

Past Events

15th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change

14-18 June 2021  

This annual conference demonstrates the importance of engaging with communities and highlights the impact a people-focused “bottom-up” approach to development can have. It brings practitioners, governments and donors together to share latest development best practice and understand grassroots perspectives on adaptation. It is being organised in partnership with ICCCAD, BRAC, GRP, CARE and IIED.

London Climate Action Week

26 June – 4 July 2021  

An annual week of action bringing together a world-leading array of climate professionals and communities. Practical Action with partners are hosting two events which will inform UK practitioners and the general public of key issues and how they shape global climate action.
1. An event in partnership with WWF International and Oxford University exploring the significance of Non-Economic Loss and Damage (NELD), how it is often overlooked in the aftermath of a climate disaster and the implications this has for policy. You can watch this event here.
2. An event in partnership with Action Aid, Christian Aid and Stamp Out Poverty highlighting the need to invest in the planet and how to do this via a new global social contract. This contract would ensure availability of the resources necessary for the poorest countries to help them respond to climate impacts.

World Water Week

23 – 27 August 2021

25 August Session: “Informal sanitation workers and city-wide services“  in partnership with Leeds University 
24 August Session: “Climate-resilient farming through solar technology … barriers to scale?” with Grundfos, SIDA, project and local community representatives talking about how solar powered irrigation can help smallholder farmers adapt to their new climate reality and what barriers are preventing taking this work to scale. 

Regenerative Agriculture Hub

In partnership with IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative

14, 16 & 22 September 2021

Multi-session event that aims to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture.

Adaptation Futures 2021 

New Dehli, India/Online
4-8 October 2021  

This annual science/policy conference is a unique platform to share action-oriented solutions from academia, practitioners, scientists and policy makers from across the world. This year it is being organised by TERI and Practical Action will be there sharing our experience from South Asia highlighting how community centric nature based solutions can build climate resilience.


Kunming, China/Online
11-24 October 2021  

The delayed 15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Biodiversity (UNCBD) will be one of the pivotal events of 2021. It will focus on increasing the ambition of countries’ commitments to tackle the triple emergency of climate change, inequality and loss of biodiversity. The conference is expected to focus on making progress on the need for coherence across nature and climate and development policy and practice.


Glasgow, Scotland/Online
1-12 November 2021  

The delayed 26th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be the final key moment of 2021. The focus will be on increasing the ambition of countries’ commitments to tackling climate change, ensuring a rapid scale up of resources to tackle the emergency in the poorest countries and ensuring this reaches the people and communities already hit hardest by climate change.

Development and Climate (D&C) Days at COP26  

Glasgow, Scotland/Online
6-7 November 2021   

This event in the middle weekend of COP26 will bring together thinking from a variety of sectors – food and agriculture, finance, cities, infrastructure, biodiversity, disaster risk reduction. These sectors are seeking coherence and cross-cutting collaboration to ensure resilience is built by inclusive climate action. Holding this workshop during the COP26 event ensures that the voices of the actors on the ground can positively influence the politics of climate action in the negotiations.

Managing Our Waste 2021: View from the Global South – Launch! 

10:00 – 11:00 (GMT) 1 December 2021

With 2 billion people living without waste collection services, there is an urgent need for solutions to the waste crisis. Managing Our Waste 2021: View from the Global South is a new report from Practical Action, which calls for a people-centred approach. The findings shine a spotlight on huge inequality at city level, and the negative consequences of approaches that focus too much on waste flows and particular types of waste. We urgently need to put people back at the centre of our narrative and actions. This means turning our attention to the waste services people need and to opportunities for the most marginalised to be a core part of the solution.

At this webinar with UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities, we will hear from our CEO, Sarah Roberts, before exploring findings from four contrasting towns and cities from Africa and South Asia. We will hear from a panel of experts and local stakeholders. Register for the event.

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