STEM Challenges

View our range of STEM challenges that can be used for home learning, science and D&T lessons, curriculum enrichment days, STEM clubs and for activities during National Science Week.

Most of the challenges also enable pupils to gain CREST Awards

Regreen the desert

Our latest STEM challenge will inspire 8-16 year olds to develop solution to irrigate crops for a community in Sudan.

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Ditch the dirt

GCSE students observing water filtering

An exciting challenge set in Kenya for pupils to ‘clean’ dirty water through making and testing water filters.

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Stop the spread

A STEM challenge enabling pupils to investigate how to stop the spread of infectious diseases and build a hand-washing device.

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Wind power challenge

In this STEM challenge pupils look at wind power then design and build a simple wind powered machine to lift a cup off the floor.

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Plastics challenge

Pupils find out more about the properties of plastics and come up with solutions to problems caused by waste plastics globally.

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Solar challenge

This STEM challenge will inspire 8-14 year olds to investigate solar solutions for people living without electricity in Zimbabwe.

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Moja island

Moja Island is a 1-2 hour activity which will reinforce students’ understanding of renewable energy sources.

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Global project ideas

Support materials for STEM projects linked to the Global goals. Can be used for CREST Awards and extended projects.

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Smoky homes

An exciting STEM project set in Nepal to enable pupils to design and model improved cooks stoves to reduce smoke in the home.

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