Off-Grid! Design Competition

Off-Grid! Winners announced

A massive thank you to all the schools and students who took part in the Off-Grid! design competition.

We are delighted to announce the primary and secondary age group winners.

The judges loved the way in which the students carried out lots of research to understand the environment and needs of the people for whom they were designing.

Both students choose to use their solar cells to pump water to different parts of the village to irrigate crops,and get water to the the health clinic and school.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Solar Farmer in Badger Class  (Year 5) from North Newton Primary School, Somerset.

CONGRATULATIONS to Group 15 (Year 7) from Wimbledon High School, London.

Prizes: Practical Action will award the winning primary school and secondary school a £100 worth of STEM kit from TTS. Each pupil (s) in the winning team will receive a £10 voucher and a STEM book.

For any queries about the Off-Grid! Design Competition email

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