Smart villages workshop in Kathmandu

10 April 2015

Practical Action and Smart Villages Initiative brought together diverse cross-section of participants in the Nepali off-grid energy sector at a workshop in Kathmandu to discuss their experiences of implementing access to energy projects at a range of scales in Kathmandu on 10 April 2015. 

The workshop aimed at learning lessons from the Nepalese experience in off-grid energy provision to rural communities that will be of interest, and potential relevance, to other countries in the South Asia region. It focused on the conditions necessary to ensure development benefits flow from energy access and to develop an appreciation of the distinctive challenges encountered in Nepal in off-grid energy provision and how they have been overcome.

The workshop saw an active discussion using market mapping techniques developed by Practical Action on

  1. transforming rural electricity access provision in Nepal; the barriers to the development of the village mini-grids markets in Nepal and interventions needed to overcome these barriers;
  2. enabling electricity access to transform livelihoods, by promoting development of markets for energy-enabled goods and services.

The discussion brought to prominence the importance of the mini-grid ownership model and the respective roles of the private sector and community; and the need to integrate energy access initiatives with development of productive enterprises.

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