• Previous Editions

    Issue 72- January 2021


    This issue of Small World includes a special feature on our Turning the Tables on Climate Change UK Aid Match appeal, focusing on some of the poorest communities of Nepal. Download a copy now to learn more about the amazing transformation we’ll be helping to create in three districts of Nepal where some of the worst effects of climate change can be seen.




    Issue 71 – September 2020


    In this issue of Small World, we explore how Practical Action’s unique approach is more vital and relevant right now than ever before. Download a copy now to find out how we can work together to power change for the most vulnerable communities. And for our world.




    Issue 70 – May 2020


    In this issue of Small World, you’ll discover how Practical Action is helping make cities in developing countries cleaner, healthier, fairer places for people to live and work. Download a copy now to learn how we’re working with communities to prevent the spread of disease and improve living conditions.