Big change

starts small…

…and it begins with you

Together we can energise lives

Together we can help bring sustainable, renewable energy to rural communities that for a multitude of reasons have no access to grid electricity. All over the word, in places like Zimbabwe, we work with local people to installs sustainable energy systems.

With you by our side we can light up peoples’ homes, schools and health centres. Importantly the people we partner with will be able to make a living.



Regular support means the people we work with can continue to change their own world

Together we can make farming work for struggling farmers

Together we can find solutions to tough farming problems. In places like Peru and Bolivia we work with small scale coffee producers to introduce sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices to improve livelihoods. These are now having a transformative effect on families trapped in poverty.

This kind of change only happens thanks to the support of forward thing supporters like you.



Let’s help create a world that works better for everyone