Our little sapling is helping

Turn the

tables on climate change

Join us to help poor communities turn deserts into green, and disaster into hope

You can help create lasting change for families like Khadija’s

North Darfur is one of the most drought prone areas of Sudan and climate change is making everything worse. Thousands of farming families are facing barren fields and ruined crops. They are struggling to grow enough food to feed their families, let alone earn an income from any surplus. For people like Khadija (pictured left) it can’t get much worse.

But together, we can change this. We can help create lasting change and turn the tables on climate change.

Our project in Sudan will help 35,600 farmers from 19 communities put a combination of innovative solutions to work so they can change their lives.


“I now produce more and when one of my children was sick I was able to pay for an operation”

As well as a range of other support, Practical Action worked with Sitelnisa to plant 100 trees, creating a barrier against the desert and protecting vital farmland. Acacia trees also produce Gum Arabic which she can sell for a small income to support her family.

You can help more farmers plant life-changing trees to prevent desertification and protect crops, homes and livelihoods.

Our plan

With a little human ingenuity we can work with communities in North Darfur to transform their world. We know our solution works, because we’ve already seen the incredible transformation in Sitelnisa’s (pictured on left) community. Helping communities grow trees in the desert is one way we can fight back, but that’s just part of the proven combination of solutions we use…:

  1. 1. Water management

Making the most of the water during the rainy season by storing it for as long as possible using repaired dams and newly built reservoirs. We will work with community members to build and restore five dams/hafirs and other earthworks.

  1. 2. Irrigation

Connecting the stored water to where it’s needed most and using it to rehabilitate the land. Together we will install two solar pumping stations to directly irrigate 3,000 small farms.

  1. 3. Forest planting

Planting forests to re-green land lost to the advancing desert and improve environmental resilience. A community tree planting scheme will initially propagate 30,000 seedlings during the project period and tens of thousands more over time.

  1. 4. Re-greening pastureland

The local people will re-seed 500 acres of grassland to provide food for livestock and restore the balance of resources between pastoralists and farmers.

  1. 5. Farming and Business Training

Training farmers in new techniques such as crop rotation, crescent farming and crop spacing in order to improve harvests.

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