Water and sanitation updates from Eastern Africa

8 August 2015

Practical Action presents at the WEDC Conference

At the 38th WEDC International Conference 2015 dubbed “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services Beyond 2015: Improving Access and Sustainability”, Practical Action Eastern Africa presented the lessons learned following the successful sanitation intervention project Realising the Rights to Total Sanitation in Nakuru, Kenya.

These findings have been used to inform policy at county level on the need for sanitation investment and appropriate resourcing of the sector which in the past had been shadowed in ball-pack water supply investment plans.

Practical Action completes initial mapping survey of informal settlements in Nairobi

Our Eastern Africa Urban WASH Programme has just completed a physical survey of two informal settlements in Nairobi – Mukuru and Kawangware ahead of the water and sanitation intervention in these informal settlements. This involved mapping out sites for sanitation facilities required, water chambers and the 8km sewer line construction. This intervention will see an increased access in both water and sanitation to the communities in the informal settlements meeting the required threshold for these basic services.

Promoting hygiene at home in Kenya

SWIFT, a results-based initiative that is delivering sanitation services in both arid and urban regions in Kenya has begun sensitisation at household level. The aspects include hand washing with soap as well as appropriate water treatment methods to reduce water-borne incidences in the regions. These activities were launched in Kawangware and Mukuru informal settlements in Nairobi.

Learning trajectory setting off great successes

A cross-learning initiative by the WASH-Alliance Kenya, of which Practical Action are members, has just completed the first phase of its cross-county site visits in the three sub-counties of Mashuru, Namanga and Kajiado Central. The results of this will inform efficient delivery of the strategic WASH plans that have been developed to improve the water and sanitation situation in Kajiado County.

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