A brighter future for Samantha's family

When Samantha Tshuma was twelve years old, her parents left their home in Bulilima, Zimbabwe. They found it impossible to make enough money from farming in Bulilima to provide for their family. They felt their only option was to move to neighbouring South Africa for work.

At twelve years old, Samantha found herself head of her household, responsible for the care of her three young siblings and the family farm. She missed out on many of the everyday pleasures that other teenagers take for granted, such as socialising and playing sports. Instead, her teenage years were ones of struggle and hardship.

“It's not easy for me taking care of children and having to study at the same time. I’m no longer able to do my own things in my own time. I now have to be a parent to my siblings.”

Samantha is now 20 years old and little has changed. She’s still juggling childcare with trying to get an education. The four siblings are still reliant on the money being sent home by their parents, who only visit them once a year. Their parents have no plans to return to Bulilima, where employment prospects are as bleak as ever. The family’s farmland remains arid and barren, unable to produce enough food to feed them properly, let alone provide any kind of income.

“I don't think my parents will come anytime soon. They try to take care of the family and if they come back no one else will.”

Samantha dreams of going to university and studying for a degree so that she can get a well-paid job and break out of the cycle of poverty. This can’t happen unless the family farm becomes profitable once again. This would allow her parents to return home and take over the care of the younger children.

With your support, we can help Samantha’s family improve the productivity of their land and look forward to a brighter future together. Our approach combines different factors that act together to bring about an enormous and lasting change. Find out more about what we do and how you can help.

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