Improving livelihoods in Kassala

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This project addresses poverty in rural communities in Kassala State, eastern Sudan. Project activities include:

Strengthening the capacity of local groups
The formation of village development committees for men and for women, under an umbrella organisation called Algandool. Members of these committees have been trained in strategic planning and leadership skills.

Increasing resilience to cope with drought
Development of water harvesting and improved agricultural technologies. This area of work covers the construction of crescent terraces and dams and training farmers on water harvesting techniques. Demonstration farms in Fato and Tambai show the advantages of better land preparation and other techniques.

Reducing conflict over natural resources
Improving natural resource management and conflict resolution skills among farmers, pastoralists and government. A series of plays on the theme of conflict resolution were a way to raise awareness of these issues.

Food processing and preservation
Training for women in these techniques to make the most of their produce.

Manufacture of tools
Training of 30 blacksmiths to manufacture improved agricultural hand tools - these blacksmiths have been contracted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation to produce 5,200 agricultural hand tools. Four tool and equipment hire stores have been built and stocked.

Community para-vets
Community para-vets have been trained and provided with veterinary tool kits and drugs and animal health awareness sessions were organised amongst communities.

Improved stoves
These stoves, which use less fuel, have been distributed and more than 100 women trained in their use.

See also our related work in Kassala under the Markets &�Livelihoods and Access to Services programmes.

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