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With your help, Amel can grow her crops and survive

"We have nothing to eat. We've had food aid, but it is not enough for our future"

Amel and her children are struggling to survive.  Once she grew vegetables and grain.  But the few crops that survived the drought were trampled by pastoralists' herds. Her family was desperate.

Practical Action has worked with Amel and her neighbours to install demarcation posts nearby.

"My crops weren't damaged and I am hopeful I will have a good harvest for my family this year"

Amel also believes the posts will help to defuse tensions between the two groups, caused by the need to compete over scarce resources: "We recognise that the pastoralists have the right to use the land for their animals,  It is the land of all of us and we have to share it."

Give today and Yassir can herd his animals and survive

Two years without rain had dried up many of the pastures where Yassir's herd could graze.  If his herd didn't survive, he couldn't feed his family.  He was forced to travel long distances with his animals, desperately looking for pastures and water.

"The posts show us where we can take the animals and where we can't. So the crops grown by the farmers are safe and can be harvested.  It was such a wonderful sight to see"

Yassir now has hope that his family, his people, and his nomadic way of life will survive:

"The posts make me feel happy and optimistic for the future, for the first time in my life.  We have learnt to share the land and live in harmony.  And for the first time ever we are hopeful for lasting peace"

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Wise men, camels and a journey

In our Posts for Peace work, the technology - concrete posts - couldn’t be more simple, but the process and ultimately impact is something different.

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For every £1 that you give, 83p goes directly into our operational programmes, 15p is used to generate future revenue so our projects can help even more people, and 2p goes towards statutory management and admin.

Listen to Practical Action's Margaret Gardner talking on Premier Radio about this work. 

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