Request for Proposals to provide Awareness Raising Services under the RE4R Project - Rwanda

Practical Action seeks to partner with a community mobilisation organisation for the delivery of community-level awareness raising activities relating to the Renewable Energy for Refugees (RE4R) interventions and renewable energy technology more generally. This activity is to enhance end-user knowledge on the availability and benefits of renewable energy solutions offered through RE4R, and to support informed decision making for beneficiary communities. These activities will be delivered to refugee and host communities in Gihembe, Kigeme and Nyabiheke.

Practical Action is implementing the RE4R project in Rwanda and Jordan. The project is led by Practical Action and UNHCR to deliver renewable energy investments in humanitarian settings, working directly with refugees and host communities using innovative approaches to the delivery of renewable energy in Kigeme, Nyabiheke and Gihembe refugee camps in Rwanda.

The project will provide access to affordable and sustainable sources of renewable energy, and improve the lives of both refugees and the communities that host them.  

Date of expiry31st May
SalaryBased on submitted budget
LocationKigeme, Nyabiheke and Gihembe
Full/Part timeFull Time
Employment statusFixed Term
Other termsAccording to the Request for Proposals terms and conditions

The scope of work will focus on awareness raising activities for refugees and host communities in order to:

  • Increase energy literacy levels in the three camps
  • Increase the product knowledge of refugee end users
  • Encourage the uptake of renewable energy products and services from the respective RE4R interventions and RE4R selected suppliers.
  • Enhance the sustainability of the interventions through increasing demand, behaviour change and enhancingcommunity ownership

Practical Action will contract the organisation who can demonstrate the most effective model for delivering awareness raising activities in the respective camps. Examples of awareness raising activities include:

  • Localised knowledge product creation:  appropriate knowledge products produced in local language (Kinyarwanda), for example: flex posters, flyers
  • Participatory methods for community-level knowledge exchange: for example, community theatre, song and dance groups or/and focus group discussions
  • Mass communication: for example, mega-phone announcements, local radio announcements

The selected community mobilisation organisation will conduct the following activities:

  • Field-level consultation: consultation with key stakeholders to understand appropriate methods for information sharing and knowledge exchange within the refugee camps
  • Design and development of localised communication materials: co-creation with Practical Action  field staff and technical analysts to develop appropriate knowledge materials for dissemination 
  • Design and development of localised community-level participatory knowledge activities: co-creation with Practical Action field staff and technical analysts to develop community-level knowledge exchange activities.
  • Data collection and reporting: proving details on activities and beneficiaries, beneficiary numbers (disaggregated by sex, age), participant feedback etc

The detailed RFP can be downloaded from the Download section.

Proposals must be delivered in written form to the RE4R Tender Committee by 31st May, 2019 at 10.00 (CAT) to the address below, and shall clearly indicate the RFP reference number: PA/RWA/RFP/2019/03
    RE4R Tender Committee
    Practical Action Rwanda Office
    KG 632nd Street Number 4
    Rugando Cell
    Kimihurura Sector
    Gasabo District
    Kigali City, Rwanda

Proposals shall also be submitted by e-mail:

Applicants are requested to submit proposals using the Proposal Response Document provided as Part 2 of this document.
For further information or any queries relating to this Request for Proposals, please contact the RE4R Tender Committee using the details above or the following email address:

RFP for Awareness Raising - RE4R Rwanda

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