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Cleaning up plastic: Empowering people

Waste, including plastic waste, is piling up in cities around the world. Clogging streets and choking rivers, its impact on people and planet is devastating.

Waste collectors have very few rights. They work long hours in hazardous conditions, often without the protective gear they need to stay safe, and earn barely enough to survive.

That’s why Practical Action is undertaking pioneering waste work, supporting local people to lay the foundations for success. This includes providing protective gear, business skills training and setting up cooperatives, so they can claim their rights, do their jobs safely and earn a decent wage in a safe and respected position.

Your gift will help us to pioneer new ideas, and upscale existing solutions. You can help the people facing some of the toughest problems to improve their livelihoods while also protecting the local environment.

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“I collect rubbish from around 300 or 400 households in total. I put plastic waste in a separate bag and sell it on to the recycling centre. I’m supporting my family of six with this work.”

– Manik, a waste worker in Bangladesh

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Climate change
Climate change

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