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tables on climate change

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You can help create lasting change for families like Khadija’s

North Darfur is one of the most drought prone areas of Sudan and climate change is making everything worse. Thousands of farming families are facing barren fields and ruined crops. They are struggling to grow enough food to feed their families, let alone earn an income from any surplus. For people like Khadija (pictured left) it can’t get much worse.

But together, we can change this. We can help create lasting change and turn the tables on climate change.


Together with Sitelnisa we’ve proved our solutions work

“I now produce more and when one of my children was sick I was able to pay for an operation”

As well as a range of other support, we worked with Sitelnisa to plant 100 trees, creating a barrier against the desert and protecting vital farmland. Acacia trees also produce Gum Arabic which she can sell for a small income to support her family.

You can help more farmers plant life-changing trees to prevent desertification and protect crops, homes and livelihoods with a gift today.


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Your gift will help the communities Practical Action work with globally to turn the tables on climate change. It could help to:

  • Improve people’s ability to predict and withstand climate related disasters
  • Make farming work for people and planet
  • Leverage renewable energy to power livelihoods
  • Share our proven solutions with other development groups
  • Advise governments and the global climate policy agenda