Renewable energy

Innovative free teaching resources  on renewable energy suitable for KS2 - 5. Material draws from Practical Action's renewable energy work in developing countries around the world.   Resources include posters, complete lessons, hands on challenges and  homework or extension activities. 

Wind Power Challenge

Using scrap materials students design and buid a simple wind turbine capable of lifting a cup off the floor to bench height...powered by a hairdryer. Suitable for ages 9-18.

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Moja Island

Moja Island is a 1-2 hour activity which will reinforce students' understanding of renewable energy sources.

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Renewable energy poster

Poster illustrating the four main renewable energy options for people in developing countries

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Enhancement and homework activities

Homework and enhancement activities for renewable energy. These include an energy loop game, renewable energy wordsearch and top ten reasons why renewable energy is cool activity

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Images showing renewable energy projects in action in developing countries.

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Energy and the Global Goals

Two short activities which develop pupils' understanding of why energy is essential if we are to achieve the Global Goals.

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Power for the World

Pupils discover out how access to energy differs around the world and get the chance to build their own wind turbine

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Case studies - Focus on Technology

Six fantastic case studies showing technology to be central to development solutions in different counties.

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Further information

Information on renewable energy from Practical Action's website and other recommended sites

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Smoky Homes

An exciting new STEM project to enable pupils to design and model improved cooks stoves and hoods.

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