Rebuilding Nepal - Sancha Tamang


Meet Sancha Tamang, a 30-year-old stone maker from Nepal.

Sancha was pregnant and on the way to the water mill with her two children when the earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. She remembers the noise and how everything was shaking. She could see landslides and buildings falling everywhere. Her only goal was to protect her children.

Looking back, Sancha can’t fully understand how she managed to rescue her children. Her whole village, Haku, had been swept away by the landslides but fortunately her children and husband were safe.

Sancha’s home and her family’s farmland were destroyed. Her family had to move into a cave. Her children were not able to study. All the roads were blocked and they had to walk for days just to get groceries. It was devastating.

Sancha and her husband made the difficult decision to move to the nearby town of Syabry. Her children are now able to study but Sancha and her family still live in a temporary shelter which gets very cold and wet during the monsoon season. Sancha misses her farmland and has struggled to make ends meet.

At the moment she makes small stones for use in the building process. She has to collect a large stone from a landslip and carry it up a treacherously steep slope in a basket. She then crushes the stone with a little hammer – her hands aching.

Despite the struggles, Sancha has achieved her main goal which is to keep her children in school. She was not able to study herself so she is determined that her children will, to provide them with a better future. What a mother.

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