Rebuilding Nepal - Prem Tamang


Meet Prem Tamang, an 18-year-old brick maker from Nepal.

Prem was working in the field when the earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. The shock was so bad that he fainted – it took him 3 hours to wake up. When he returned to his family home, he learnt that their home had collapsed and his grandmother had died.

Prem and his family had to move into a house made of stone and mud. They haven’t been able to complete the house because of the high cost and low supply of construction materials. The house is located in a flood and landslide prone area. During the monsoon season, the whole house floods.

Prem was unhappy about his family’s living conditions and he was constantly thinking of ways to make a better life for them. Luckily, his uncle had just started a brick making business and he recruited Prem. Prem now works for his uncle and together they are making bricks that are less harmful to the environment and are more earthquake resilient than normal bricks.

Prem now lives with his uncle and is the main bread winner in his family. He says that the work is hard and sometimes his whole body aches. He is however getting used to the work and he feels a sense of achievement. Because of Prem, his brother and sister are able to go to school and his parents have food to eat. Prem hopes that in the future he is able to save enough money to rebuild their family home.

An inspiring young man, don’t you think?! 

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