Rebuilding Nepal - Parbat Rana


Meet Parbat Rana, a 25-year-old brick-making entrepreneur from Nepal.

Parbat was studying to become an engineer in Chitwan when the earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. Parbat returned to his home village as soon as he could to make sure his family and friends were safe. When he got home, he found that all the houses in the village had collapsed. Fortunately, no-one had died.

Parbat decided that he needed to do something to help his community. As an engineer, he felt that it was his responsibility to make sure that the new houses wouldn’t collapse if there was another earthquake. Parbat left his studies to dedicate all his time to help his village.

While doing research on earthquake resistant construction materials, Parbat learnt about a new type of brick called an ‘earth brick’. Earth bricks are made out of soil, cement, sand and water. They are more environmentally-friendly than normal bricks. They are also more earthquake resistant.

Parbat was inspired by this new technology and wanted to invest in it. He used his tuition money to buy the machinery. These savings wouldn’t have been enough on their own, but he was lucky enough to get a grant to make up the shortfall.

Parbat is now a brick-making entrepreneur. He has just started his business and employs six people. They have all received training in production and construction and are building a model house to demonstrate what can be done with the new bricks. In the future, Parbat wants to build as many earthquake resistant houses as possible. 

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