Rebuilding Nepal - Krishna Sunar


Meet Krishna Sunar, a 72-year-old woman from Nepal.

She lives alone on a steep hillside. Her husband left her many years ago and her daughter has died from kidney failure.

Krishna was eating her dinner in her two story house when the earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. The ground was shaking and Krishna was very scared. She thought that she would die.

Krishna’s village was destroyed that day. Most of the houses were lost and the villagers moved to the safer areas. Krishna however, did not want to leave her home. After the earthquake, she cleared a tiny space in her old house which she had to crawl into to sleep at night. She didn’t have any money to rebuild her home.

Eventually, with the help of her neighbours, she managed to build herself a temporary shelter. This ramshackle structure is made of bamboo and supporting beams she’s salvaged from the remains of her old home. There is no door and in places the bamboo has collapsed and there are gaping holes in the walls.

Three years after the earthquake, Krishna still lives in that shelter. In the cold winter months, the wind howls through the gaps. It gets very cold. During the monsoon the rain pours in. Krishna has to wrap herself up in plastic in a bid to keep herself dry. It is very hard but she doesn’t have a choice. According to Krishna, as long as you are breathing you still have hope.

Krishna’s positive spirit and determination are about to be rewarded. She is a candidate for an earth brick ‘model house’. Model houses are houses that are built to demonstrate what can be done with the new bricks. The earth bricks are more earthquake resilient, affordable and made from materials that are available locally. After three years of hardship, Krishna’s life is about to get way better.

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