Defying climate change

With Pumpkin Power


In the north of Bangladesh, local people look on in fear as the monsoon rains fall. Too often, they see their homes, land and livestock washed away when the rivers flood. It’s not a new problem, but climate change is making it much, much worse. Growing pumpkins on sandbars is just one of the ingenious ways they can fight back.


Your support could help more communities across the world defy climate change.



If we can grow here we can
grow anywhere

When floodwaters recede, sandbars emerge. It’s almost impossible to grow anything in these areas. But Practical Action sees things differently. We’re working with local people to turn sandbanks into pumpkin fields. Now plentiful crops provide people who have lost everything with enough food to last all year round.

Help more people across the world become
resilient to the effects of climate change.



“This year I produced 600 pumpkins. My family are healthy now.”
Anwar Ul Islam, farmer, Rangpur