Publish your book with us


We particularly welcome proposals of books to publish with us in the subject areas of: development studies; energy access; gender; humanitarian assistance; enterprise development and microfinance; urban services; water supply, sanitation and hygiene, all in the context of international development.


Authors should consider publishing with us because:

  • Your proposal and typescript will be considered by an experienced editorial team and our expert subject reviewers.
  • We co-publish with major international aid agencies such as Oxfam GB; FAO; the Emergency Capacity Building Project; The SEEP Network; and  IRC, Netherlands. We also co-publish with leading research organizations such as IDS, University of Sussex; Overseas Development Institute, London.
  • Our book catalogue, website and sales agents will bring your book before international development practitioners, researchers and students.
  • As part of our digital strategy most books will be converted to ebooks for reading on e-readers; and all books will appear as pdfs in our digital Knowledge Database.
  • Our production team can source designers and printers from around the world to produce your book efficiently and attractively.