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Published since 1982 Waterlines is a refereed journal providing a forum for those involved in extending water supply, sanitation, hygiene and waste management to all in developing countries. Waterlines bridges the gap between research and practice: it encourages papers written by researchers for the benefit of practice and those written by practitioners to inform research and policy. It highlights information sources and promotes debate between different perspectives. Waterlines considers the key challenges facing those in the water and sanitation sector–engineers, health professionals, community development workers, researchers, policy makers–and suggests how these issues may be tackled using affordable, sustainable systems with reference to wider policy and institutional frameworks.

Waterlines contains: Full-length peer-reviewed papers; Shorter ‘articles from the field’;  Book reviews, giving a guide to which books are really worth reading; ‘Crossfire’, which deals with contentious issues, argued out between two experts; Webwatch, which guides readers to further reading on the theme; ‘From our water correspondent’ – a regular letter from a water professional dealing with   tough problems on the ground.

The Jeroen Ensink Memorial Prize commemorates the life and work of Waterlines’ Editorial Board member Dr Jeroen H.J. Ensink. Throughout his career, Dr Ensink sought to apply science and research to improve the lives of those who in the twenty-first century still live without access to safe drinking water and sanitation. He pursued this goal via different paths – as a practising public health engineer, as a young field researcher, as a doctoral student, as a senior investigator, and as a teacher and mentor – but always with the same clear and practical focus on solving the problem. Dr Ensink left behind him an impressive legacy of work but he also left a very personal mark on his many colleagues and friends in the water and sanitation sector. For further details on how to enter for this memorial prize please download the information leaflet.

Inaugural Winner

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce the award of the 2016 Jeroen Ensink Memorial Prize to Payal Hathi. We also congratulate Claire Furlong and her team for a likewise excellent piece of research, which was just pipped to the post in this edition of the prize. In both cases, we realise that the authors form part of teams, and we likewise extend our congratulations to all the co-authors.

2017 Winner

We are pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s prize is Jovana Dodos, Blanche Mattern, Jean Lapegue, Mathias Altmann, and Myriam Ait Aissa for their paper entitled ‘Relationship between water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition: what do Link NCA nutrition causal analyses say?’ This paper is Open Access and can be found here

Dr Jeroen Ensink’s own passion was for research as a means to promote better practice rather than as an end in itself and the Panel felt that this article reflects this commitment to evidence-based practice in the WASH sector.

Warm congratulations to the authors, grateful thanks to the award panel, and good reading to you!