Practical Action is the new name for ITDG

Practical Action is the new name for ITDG - the Intermediate Technology Development Group. The name may have changed, but the organisation and the values that we represent remain - practical answers to poverty, sustainable solutions and people focused.

The old ITDG website at is now closed, and all visitors are redirected to our new website at All page addresses will remain the same, and you will still be able to use old weblinks to reach pages on the new site.

Why did we change our name?

Building ongoing support for our work is vital, not only from individual supporters but from donors such as the National Lottery and the British Government, from project partners in the UK and internationally, and from the media. Our old name did little to convey who we are and what we do. Whilst we felt affection for our name, and it is part of our history, it was often not helping us deliver our work.

In 2003 we began to explore brand with staff and supporters. It soon became clear that despite the affection and respect in which ITDG was held, the problems with our name were many and varied. For example, in Spanish-speaking Peru ITDG could be mistaken for the words meaning "I have left you". In the UK we continued to be asked if we were the same organisation as 'IT' and regularly receive letters from supporters asking when we are going to do something about our terrible name and logo.

Research with the UK public proved that our name, even together with the very powerful strap line Practical Answers to Poverty, confused people. They were convinced we were a business - a computer company, bank or fashion house - finding the name ITDG and their idea of a charity mis-matched. Our name also limited our exposure in the media, for example, we how are quoted in the press.

Our new name

The intention of the rebranding was not to change our work in any way, but rather to help us communicate our work to a new, wider and possibly younger audience.

Practical Action - with the strapline, Technology Challenging Poverty - sums up what we do, making a practical difference in the lives of poor people. We recognise the importance of technology and hands on work. We share knowledge and work together with communities. In policy debate, our work focuses on delivering practical changes that positively impact on the lives of poor people.

Until November 2008, our registered name remained Intermediate Technology Development Group, but we have now completed the transition, and our legal name is now Practical Action.

Moving to Practical Action

We were very fortunate to be offered free, highly professional support from Futurebrand on a pro bono basis - work that otherwise would have cost a lot of money.

With our new name, we hope to be better able to reach out to a new generation of supporters, to help us continue to deliver and develop practical answers to poverty.


Practical answers to poverty
Using our expertise in simple and appropriate technology, we make technology work for people living in poverty through innovative thinking.
  Practical answers to poverty
Sustainable solutions
Sustainable development is crucial if poor people are to improve the ongoing quality of their lives. Our technologies are easily replicable, affordable and sustainable.
  Sustainable solutions
People focused
We help people to create their own solutions, apply and share ideas and skills that make their lives better and their communities stronger.
  People focused


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