Capture solar power

Help People Shine


In southern Africa, there is a village where the people work hard to provide for their families.
It’s a community that has the potential to thrive. But it’s being held back because there is no power for lighting or equipment.
With ingenious solutions, including the use of solar power, they can move forward and shine.


Your support could help transform more lives around the world.



Give a community the power to transform their lives

With solar-powered mini-grids, communities will have clean, renewable energy. Health clinics have new refrigerators to store medicine, which will help the community stay healthy. Local businesses can get the electrical equipment they need to succeed. Farmers no longer have to use expensive, faulty diesel engines for irrigation and can enjoy better harvests.

Help more people in poverty to create brighter futures.



“Before the solar grid we had to buy expensive fuel for a diesel pump to water our crops. But when the pump broke we couldn’t repair it, so we couldn’t water the crops, leaving us without food or an income.”
Mpokiseng Moyo, Farmer, Mashaba