A whole community can change

With one bright idea


High in the mountains of rural Malawi, lies the village of Usingini. The people who live in this remote place are being held back every single day.
Because their village is far too remote to be connected to the national grid they have no electricity and face tough problems.
It doesn’t have to be that way thanks to a brilliant idea – an ingenious solution, in fact.


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Harnessing a river’s energy can bring life-changing electricity

We’re working with local engineers and builders to harness the power of the Zulunkhuni river. We will divert 60% of its flow to a micro-hydro power scheme to generate electricity for the whole community. By providing clean, renewable energy to homes, schools, health centres and local businesses, so many lives will be transformed.

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“It was difficult to run the shop without electricity. Now we stay open until 8pm, it’s always busy. Before we didn’t have enough money to pay for our children to go to school. Now we can.”
Bessie and Gusto Namaja, shopkeepers